How to Calculate the Real Cost of an Ecommerce Solution: Crunching the numbers to figure out total cost of ownership

“How Much Does It Cost?”

It’s the question every decision-maker asks when investing in any product or service for their business. The answer is not as simple as you might think—or hope—when it comes to ecommerce technology.

Having some form of web presence is something almost every company has, regardless of industry or business type. And most of these companies sell goods or services online and need a platform to support those transactions. That’s where an ecommerce solution comes in.

Deciding to implement or replatform to a new ecommerce solution can be a great way to boost revenue, but it comes at a cost. And that cost is not as simple to calculate as you might think.

From licensing to implementation, integrations to add-ons, transaction fees and beyond, there are myriad different ways for costs to mount up over time.

This ebook will highlight some of the important things to include in your TCO calculation.

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