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Climbing the Digital Ladder: Accelerate Your Business Growth with PARA

Origin of Para

PARA was founded to help bring the best out of growing companies and partner with like-minded professionals. The spirit of PARA derives from a lifelong passion to help others succeed and make the most of opportunities along the way. PARA is a people-centric organization driven to aide others in achieving their goals by leveraging technology and optimizing processes.

Over the last decade, we have fine-tuned our journey alongside businesses. Our team of experts and business systems consultants are ready and waiting to assist you.

Our Mission

PARA’s mission is to provide full life cycle support for businesses looking to expand and  upgrade their digital ecosystems. Our process kicks off with platform discovery and design in order to deliver high quality custom solutions to our clients that support long-term growth. PARA focuses on providing the right incubator for businesses' next phase of growth.

Our Vision

We take pride in our strong company culture because we believe it's the building block of every great organization. We want to streamline business’s digital landscapes so they can focus on supporting what matters: people and the work they do.

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Our values

At PARA, we deeply honor and uphold the value of integrity in everything we do. It's the unwavering foundation of our interactions, decisions, and relationships.
Community is at the heart of PARA, and it's more than just a group of people—it's a family. We believe that a thriving and supportive community is the foundation of our success. At PARA, we foster a culture of togetherness, collaboration, and shared growth.
We cherish the value of agility in navigating the dynamic landscape of our industry. It's about being swift, adaptive, and responsive to the ever-evolving needs and challenges our clients face.
Felix Calero
Founder | Systems Implementation Consultant
Gabriel Cruz
Engineering Manager
Karelle Joun
Chief Financial Officer
Mark Keller

The Para Method

Fast-tracking your business for growth has never been simpler with PARA. 

Discovery & System Evaluation
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Solution Design & Roadmap
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Planning & Implementation
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Training & Deployment
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Enterprise System Support
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