NetSuite ERP Changes the Way Your Business Sees Growth

Constructing Business Success with Tomorrow in Mind
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NetSuite is a comprehensive cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that serves as the backbone of modern businesses. It offers an integrated suite of applications, including financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, inventory management, HR, and more. NetSuite is designed to streamline and automate key business processes, helping companies achieve operational efficiency, real-time visibility, and improved decision-making capabilities.

PARA & NetSuite:
Propelling Your Business to New Heights

NetSuite's integrated platform fosters collaboration, simplifies operations, and reduces IT complexities. Implementing NetSuite now ensures streamlined efficiency and a competitive edge in today's business landscape. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, NetSuite's scalable solution allows for immediate growth and adaptation, setting the stage for future success.

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Maximizing Potential:
How We Unleash the Power of NetSuite

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Empowering Business Transformation with Seamless Integration.

  • Integrated Business Suite: Unifying finance, CRM, e-commerce, HR, and inventory management into a single, cohesive platform.
  • Comprehensive Financial Tools: Encompassing planning, budgeting, accounting, and reporting for optimal financial management
  • Enhanced CRM: Streamlining customer interactions, sales, and marketing to bolster relationships and propel sales.
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Strategic Planning:

  • Analyze needs and set clear implementation goals.
  • Collaborate on a comprehensive project plan.

Customized Configuration:

  • Tailor settings, workflows, and integrations to fit your requirements.

Seamless Training and Transition:

  • Conduct training sessions to ensure proficiency.
  • Provide continuous support during the transition phase.
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  1. Thorough Assessment: Understand specific client requirements and objectives.
  2. Strategic Planning: Develop a customized strategy for optimal adaptation.
  3. Effective Utilization of NetSuite: Leverage the customization tab in NetSuite proficiently.
  4. Precise Execution: Implement planned customizations within the NetSuite platform.
  5. Continuous Refinement: Optimize and refine based on feedback and results for an enhanced solution.

NetSuite Success Stories: Hear From Thriving Businesses

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As COO at Rand McNally, I grappled with resource constraints and a gap in specialized expertise during our NetSuite implementation. Our initial approach proved overly complex and unfortunately, unfinished. That's when PARA stepped in – their expert support and wealth of knowledge proved invaluable in simplifying the process and ultimately ensuring the successful completion of our NetSuite implementation.

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Set to Scale with NetSuite:
Unveiling Opportunities for Your Business

Streamlined Business Processes
  • Unified and automated business processes.
  • Real-time visibility into critical business operations.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and accuracy.
Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
  • 360-degree view of customers across the organization.
  • Seamless management of customer interactions and sales processes.
  • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction.
Scalable and Agile Business Growth:
  • Easily adaptable to evolving business needs and growth.
  • Scalable platform to support business expansion and increased data volume.
  • Swift deployment and implementation to expedite growth strategies.
Comprehensive Financial Management:
  • Full financial visibility and control.
  • Streamlined order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes.
  • Improved financial planning and decision-making.
Adaptive Resource Planning:
  • Smart workforce allocation and project assignment.
  • Centralized employee performance tracking and development.
  • Real-time insights for proactive resource adjustments.
Unified HR and Resource Management:
  • Centralized employee data and self-service capabilities.
  • Streamlined workforce management and resource allocation.
  • Comprehensive HR analytics and reporting.
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