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Shift Digital is a leading provider of technology, program management, and support services to national automotive brands/OEMs and local retailers. With a comprehensive suite of offerings, Shift Digital empowers its clients to maximize the effectiveness of their digital marketing and sales initiatives.



Shift Digital faced significant challenges in their financial operations, particularly in the integration between an external treasury tool and NetSuite, their primary financial management system. The existing process required custom workflows to bridge the gap between these two critical systems. Additionally, handling large-scale payments and vendor approvals involved multiple parties, leading to delays and potential errors in processing payments efficiently.



To address these challenges, PARA implemented a two-fold solution:

  1. Custom End-to-End Integration:  
  • PARA developed a custom integration between NetSuite and the external treasury tool via FTP connection. This seamless connection allowed for smoother data flow and eliminated the need for manual intervention in the financial transaction process.
  1. AP Consolidation & Automation:  
  • Recognizing the need for a more streamlined approach to vendor approvals and payment processing, PARA introduced an Accounts Payable (AP) consolidation and automation system. This solution reduced the number of touchpoints in the approval process and allowed for payments to be sent out in bulk, further enhancing efficiency.


Improved Process Flow and Data Integrity:  

The custom end-to-end integration between NetSuite and the treasury tool resulted in a marked improvement in process flow and data integrity. This eliminated potential errors that could arise from manual data entry.

Reduced Errors and Faster Processing:  

The automation of AP consolidation and payment processing led to a substantial reduction in errors, as well as a notable increase in processing speed. This ensured that payments were made accurately and promptly.

Faster Consolidation:  

With streamlined integration and automation in place, Shift Digital experienced a notable increase in the speed of consolidation between the treasury system and NetSuite. This allowed for more timely and accurate financial reporting.


PARA’s implementation of custom integrations and automation solutions for Shift Digital significantly enhanced their financial operations. By prioritizing accuracy, efficiency, and integration, PARA helped Shift Digital keep its commitment to providing exceptional services to its clients in the automotive industry.

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Claire Pfeifer

Corporate Controller

We encountered a significant challenge in clearly defining our financial processes. Thanks to PARA, we found an exceptional solution. Their expert team successfully implemented NetSuite and Celigo, effectively addressing the issue and transforming our operations. The newfound efficiency and accuracy have been pivotal in propelling our financial success.

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