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Local Bounti, a publicly traded industry leader in greenhouse-grown leafy greens, stands as a prominent figure in the agricultural sector. With four active locations and two additional facilities under construction, Local Bounti has established itself as a pioneer in sustainable farming practices, providing high-quality produce to consumers.



Despite their industry dominance, Local Bounti faced critical financial challenges in their production process. The integration between ArtemisAG and NetSuite, two pivotal systems, was failing to accurately capture the financial aspects of the growing process. Additionally, Local Bounti encountered difficulties in tracking costs at various stages of the advanced manufacturing Work-in-Progress (WIP) processes.



In response to these challenges, PARA architected and implemented a comprehensive overhaul of their financial processes, incorporating a multi-faceted solution.

  1. Custom Application - CEA Extended:  

Recognizing the need for a tailored solution, PARA developed a custom application for Local Bounti to streamline data entry at every stage of the manufacturing process. Code named “CEA Extended”, this application served as a powerful tool in ensuring accurate and timely data capture.

  1. Advanced Manufacturing Implementation:  

PARA architected an advanced manufacturing process that was finely tuned to capture costs at various stages. This involved a meticulous examination of each phase of production, allowing for precise tracking and analysis of costs through the configuration of the Advanced Manufacturing modules.


Improved Process Flow & Data Integrity:  

The implementation of the custom application, CEA Extended, significantly enhanced the flow of processes and ensured data integrity at every stage of manufacturing. This led to a remarkable reduction in errors associated with data entry

Reduced Errors & Downtime:  

The combination of CEA Extended and the refined manufacturing process led to a substantial reduction in errors stemming from data entry and difficult system to system implementation logic. Furthermore, there was no downtime attributable to integration infrastructure faults, signifying a seamless data intake process in NetSuite.


The strategic overhaul of financial processes undertaken by Local Bounti not only resolved critical challenges but also propelled them to new heights of operational excellence. By prioritizing accuracy, reportability and optimization, Local Bounti solidified its position as an industry leader and demonstrated its commitment to continuous improvement.

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